Governor Thomas W. Hardwick Historical Marker

Governor Thomas W. Hardwick Historical Marker

Photo taken by David Brooker on November 1, 2020

Governor Thomas W. Hardwick

Marker Text

Governor Thomas William Hardwick, lawyer and statesman, spent most of his life in this city. Born in Thomasville, Dec. 9, 1872, he graduated from Mercer in 1892 and from Lumpkin Law School, U. of GA, in ’93, in which year he was admitted to the bar. He was Prosecuting Attorney for Washington County from 1895 to ’97 and a Member of the Legislature from ’98 to 1902. He served in Congress from 1903 to 1914 when he was elected to the Senate serving until 1919. He was Governor of Georgia from 1921 to ’23 and appointed to the U.S. Senate Mrs. Rebecca Latimer Felton, first woman Senator in U.S. history. He died Jan. 31, 1944.¬†


This marker is located in the Sandersville courthouse square park, opposite the courthouse entrance.

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This marker was erected in 1955 by the Georgia Historical Commission.