About Us

The mission of the Washington County Historical Society is to promote a program for the appreciation of history and the natural and social sciences; to preserve the history of Washington County, and to create and maintain permanent museums and allied projects; and to encourage the recording, preservation, presentation, and tourism of the history of Washington County and its people.

  • Maintain a permanent museum(s) for the collection, cataloging, and exhibiting of historical artifacts and other related objects having historical value.
  • Maintain a place for the repository of genealogical collections, including books, historical family and event files, and all other documents that relate to the study of family history.
  • Promote educational programs and opportunities for the society members, the community, and schools to ensure interest in our county’s history will be a continuing process for future generations.
  • Encourage the restoration and preservation of structures, places, and sites that have significant historical value in our county.
  • Encourage tourism by planning, promoting, and participating in events that will be an attraction to visitors in Washington County.
  • Transact commerce necessary for the welfare of the society, including printing, publishing, and acquiring funds and property.