Buffalo Creek Historical Marker

Buffalo Creek Historical Marker

Photo taken by David Brooker on November 1, 2020

Buffalo Creek

Marker Text

Early on Nov. 25, 1864, the advance guard of the 20th Corps [US] of Gen. Sherman’s army reached this vicinity and found that the nine bridges over Buffalo Creek and tributaries had been burned by Wheeler’s cavalry [CS]. A detachment of the 58th Indiana Infantry (pontoniers), with details from the 101st Illinois Infantry, bridged the main channel with pontoons and repaired or rebuilt eight bridges with timbers cut from the woods. By two o’clock, the column had resumed its march toward Sandersville.

Although harassed continually by carbine fire from the Confederate cavalrymen, the Union men suffered few losses. 


This marker is located on Georgia Highway 24 (Fall Line Freeway) at Buffalo Creek, west of Sandersville.

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Date of Origin

This marker was erected in 1992 by the Georgia Historical Commission.