Holt-Slade House

The Holt Slade House

Stop 5

244 N. Harris Street

The Holt-Slade House was built in 1896. The original owner, Lake B. Holt, was a banker and a businessman. The next owner, Joe Slade, was also a businessman and the mayor of our community.  The home is a design of architect Charles E. Choate with his quintessentially beautiful entry details, though the original porch had Ionic columns. 

Born in Houston County, Georgia, Charles Edward Choate’s designs and structures are located throughout the Southeast. His dual careers in architecture and Methodist ministry followed the rail lines, so his structures can be found in many railroad towns. Thirteen Choate designs on the National Register of Historic Places can be found throughout Washington County.  Known for his ability to continue exterior motifs to the interior, Choate was a master of proportion and detail. A brochure documenting a complete tour of Choate properties is available at the Chamber of Commerce and Historical Society museums along with an exhibit of his local designs downtown.