Transylvania Club

The Transylvania Club

Stop 19

131 W. Haynes St.

This antebellum structure was built around the time of the Civil War as the residence and law office for Richard Lee Warthen and later became the Sandersville Public Library. It is now home to the Transylvania Club, the makers of the Georgia plates. 

In 1909, the Transylvania Club started Sandersville’s first public library in the Masonic Temple.  After a fire destroyed the first building, the library re-opened two days later in Mary Tarbutton’s house with a stock of just 15 books. In 1925, the Transylvania Club raised $6,000 and purchased their new location. Early Georgia Plates and a rare book collection are on display while current editions of the Plates can be purchased inside.  The Transylvania Club is open Monday through Thursday 10 AM – 1 PM.