The Strange Journey of the Confederate Constitution and Other Stories from Georgia’s Historical Past

William Rawlings


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The Strange Journey of the Confederate Constitution is a collection of seventeen articles and essays on topics in Georgia and Southern history. Individual chapters are arranged by era and cover subjects ranging from The Great Yazoo Land Fraud of the 1790s, to Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Treasure of the 1860s, to the Reign of Terror visited by the Ku Klux Klan in Macon of the 1920s.

While academic, this book’s varying topics are aimed at readers with a general interest in the intriguing and often convoluted history of the South. Some articles focus on events, others on people (e.g. Gutzon Borglum and Eli Whitney), and still others on more controversial topics, such as the place of The Birth of a NationĀ andĀ Gone With the Wind in modern society.

The author’s writing style is one that promotes relaxed recreational reading, treating each topic as an unfolding story as the chapter progresses. As a bonus to those interested in research and writing about historical subjects, the Appendix contains advice in the form of “A Short Practical Guide to Historical Research for Writers.”

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