Holt Bank Building

The Holt Bank Building

Stop 11

102-106 Malone St. 

The Holt Bank Building’s architect Charles Choate, signed this Neo-Classical Renaissance design on the right of the central arch in 1898. Known as Holt Bank, it was built of locally made brick for the Holt brothers Lewis and Lake. Architectural details include alternating polished and rusticated ashlar marble that form the arch around the door and in the pilasters. Additional elements include cornices and brackets above repeat marble and also the corbelled brick work. Some of the leaded glass located on the front of the building is still original. Marble and brick shadow details extend down the east side facing North Harris Street. Some interior details include metal ceilings, tile floors in the original bank portion, fluted door surrounds, bull’s eye corner blocks and baseboard dust catchers. The building was restored in 1996.